Product Code: TCBINF2NFRB

Our IV Administration Set with 300ml/hour flow regulator includes a universal spike, male swivel luer lock, slide clamp, drip chamber with 15μm filter, and a back-check valve. Each set is individually blister-packaged in quantities of 40 per box.

  • 100” length
  • 2-Needle Free Y- Sites
  • Universal Vented/Non-Vented Spike
  • 10-drops/ml with a 15-micron filter in the drip chamber
  • Roller Clamp
  • Male Swivel Luer
  • Backcheck valve
  • Flow Regulator that delivers up to 300 ml per hour
  • DEHP Free PVC and Latex Free\
  • Priming volume ~19ml
  • 40 sets/Box


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