Cleanroom Supplies

TrueCare cleanroom supplies are sterile and pyrogen-free and designed for safety and comfort. We strictly adhere to ISO standards and have conducted extensive Helmke Drum particulate and ASTM tests.

Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol Wipers

Product Code: TCBWALC30

Our sterile isopropyl alcohol wipers are 70% saturated and are low linting. Composed of a 55/45 cellulose blend, each 9" x 9" wiper is 65gsm, with 30 wipers per zip pack, and 24 packs per case.

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Sterile Cleanroom Wipers

Product Code: See details

Available in 9" x 9" and 12" x 12" sizes

Our sterile cleanroom wipers are sterile gamma irradiated to a 10-6 sterility assurance level. The Cleanroom Wipers feature maximum absorbencies of 20-25 mL. Different sizes and quantities available.

Sterile Lab Gowns

Product Code: TCBA40ST

Our sterile SMS 40gsm weight white anti-static treated cleanroom gowns are designed for non-hazardous drug compounding.

Sterile Cleanroom Coverall

Product Code: TCBACV54ST

Our Sterile Cleanroom Coverall, composed of 60gsm weight antistatic material, is designed to meet USP 800 requirements. 

Sterile Lab Gowns for Hazardous Drug Compounding

Product Code: TCBA54ST

Our Sterile Cleanroom Gown is disposable and composed of 52gsm weight anti-static material designed to meet USP 800 requirements.

Sterile Bouffants

Product Code: TCBABFST

Sterile white 21.5" bouffants. Individually packaged.

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Sterile Face Masks

Product Code: TCBAMKST

Sterile white 3-ply masks with ear-loops. Individually packaged.

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Sterile Shoe Covers

Product Code: TCBASCST

Sterile shoe covers with non-skid sole. Packaged as individual pairs.

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